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Great minds don't think alike
FOOD & DRINK 27 November 2009
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Coca cola is a famous soft drink many people know this brand as well and they can buy it around the world. In USA, Coca Cola can be sold 1.5 billion cans each day because of the taste that many people and trust the quality of the product. Coca Cola company is invest for advertise around the world, so that's why some people like to drink coke instead of pure water while Coca Cola contain lots of disadvantages.

Coca Cola or Coke has many disadvantages it contain sugar, soda, caffeine and calories. According to Wikipedia one 330ml can of coke contain around 160 calories. It's telling you that one year if you drink 1 can of coke everyday you will get extra 57600 calories and that will make you sick and get diseases. Coca Cola is coloring your teeth, as many are already aware and they have been shown to destroy 10 times more teeth material than fruit juice in just the first three minutes of drinking in a test this soft drink is contain caffeine ,which is a diuretic. A diuretic is a drug that speeds up the rate of urin production that it means like it removes water from your body. So you will get a thirst quenched when you drinking coke you do not get as hydrated as compares to if you just drink pure water. And caffeine is also affect to your nervous system and other brain function.

Coca Cola is corrode your teeth because its contain soda. So Coca Cola has many disadvantage without advantage except the word tasty so you think it's worthwhile to exchange many disadvantage with only tasty of the soft drink.

Korkiat Chanawanchai G.10J (MAX
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