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Great minds don't think alike
STUDENT LIFESTYLE 24 November 2009
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In school today you can see that there are some people who just sit alone and do all the things by themselves, those people are called 'Nerd'. When you see a boy wears big glasses, holds many books, and always looks down, he is considered a nerd too. Do you think nerds are popular? For me I don't think so.
Nerds lack of social skills and self-confidence. They always sit alone and wait for someone to talk with them because they are too shy and afraid. They don't care about TV shows, new singer or today's trends. They just care about their interesting stuff. It is reading book, playing game, and doing their homework. Maybe for us, those things are boring but for nerds, these are all their lives and the reason why they live and breathe.
Most of nerds are boring person. They don't pay attention to others because they have little interests which make them get bored easily with anyone who is not interest in the same thing as them. So, no chance for them to be popular.
Most teenagers nowadays always pay a great attention to their appearance like the way they act and how they get dressed. But nerds don't realize this, they are not in today's trends and they don't pay attention to these kinds of things, their attention is just to work hard and try to get a good score.
To conclude this essay, the nerds can never be popular because of their own attitude and thoughts. They are isolated from others just because they don't behave like them .And It is quite hard to judge because no one gets to know them clearly.
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